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Paso 1: Escucha el audio, no revises el texto. (Escuchalo 5 veces)

Paso 2: Lee el Texto.

The United Nations (UN) stands as a beacon of hope and collaboration in the international arena, uniting countries under a common banner to address global challenges. Established in 1945, the UN endeavors to maintain international peace and security, promote sustainable development, uphold international law, and advance human rights. With its 193 member countries, the organization works tirelessly to foster a stable and cooperative international environment, navigating through crises, conflicts, and disparities. The UN’s specialized agencies, such as UNESCO and WHO, further extend its impact, addressing specific global issues like education, health, and cultural preservation. Together, they strive to create a world where peace, justice, and prosperity prevail for all.

Paso 3: Completa el ejercicio.

Paso 4: Descarga el siguientes audio y escuchalo durante 7 días, no importa tu nivel de Inglés, solo escúchalo.

Este audio consta de 5 párrafos que presentan similitudes entre sí. El objetivo de este ejercicio es entrenar tu cerebro para identificar sonidos, palabras y frases parecidas. El martes 10 de octubre, desvelaremos el texto correspondiente a los audios.

Paso 5: Aprende Inglés con la serie Wednesday….

Disfruta este video y sumergete en el Inglés natural.